Meadhbh McIlgorm - Creative Professional

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Roses (various) 

Intangible Objects


​​(Glass Clouds) ​This graduate work explores ideas of the tangible and intangible though an exploration of cloud formations translated into delicate glass line sculptures. The presence of cloud in the sky modulates the suns light and casts shadows on the earth below. Similarly, the transparent glass forms capture and interact with light - the shadows and reflections generated complete the work, resulting in a finished work both tangible and ephemeral.

Imaginary Spaces


This series explored light, shadow and reflection as a transformative  force in the perception of space.3D maquettes were created and destroyed in the exploration and the process documented with video and photography. 

Refraction and Reflection 

The refraction effect of light is a continual source of wonder and inspiration to me. The images here are attempts to  capture the beauty in those ephemeral moments, often created by the most ordinary of objects. 

Other Work

A selection of bits and pieces and works in progress.

Stratus Cloud

Kilnformed glass, light and shadow Photograph: Rory Moorhead