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'"Designed and Made in Ireland" - A brand for Irish Craft?' MA thesis. 

This research analyses the development of ‘Designed & Made in Ireland’ as a brand identity within the framework of the DCCoI’s wider market development objectives and investigates its suitability as a branding concept. Recommendations are given for the direction of further research and possible future development of the initiative. Completed September 2017

'Audience Development Considerations for Craft Northern Ireland.' Commissioned report.  


An analysis of Craft NI’s audience development strategy, analysing what the organisation has achieved against audience development targets since opening in 2005, giving recommendations for potential for the future.
Completed July 2016 

'"Technicolor Shadows" - Current pioneers in the art of light and glass' BA thesis.


This thesis examines how the existing categories of both 'light art' and 'glass art' are not satisfactory in describing the work of contemporary practitioners who use both in innovative ways. It argues that the combination of these materials result in a powerful and meaningful art medium.

Completed February 2013  

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