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Meadhbh McIlgorm is a multi-disciplinary artist-maker of things and experiences.  She studied Craft Design and History of Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, specialising in glass and graduating in 2013. Her work is proces-led and training through craft has embedded a material-led approach to frequently intangible concepts, liminal states and ephemeral phenomena. 


Originally from Dublin, she has been living and working in Belfast since 2015 after completing an MA in Arts Management in Queen's University. This experience in arts admin and project management has contributed to her expanded studio practice via the curatorial production of events and exhibitions with other artists and organisations. 


Meadhbh is passionate about the arts and their value to society. She is particularly interested in aspects of making, repair and reuse. She is a studio holder at QSS, a member of Seacourt Print Workshop, Visual Artists Ireland and the Glass Society of Ireland.


I'm Meadhbh 

Here's me. Hanging out by the bins because you end up doing some strange things as an artist. There's the social icons if you want to connect. 

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